Klapp3step Home Treatment mask




For all skin types

Step 1: concentrate

Active ingredients: tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E )

سيروم مركز ( مساج على البشرة حتى الامتصاص )

Step 2: collagen lifting mask

Active ingredients: hydrolyzed collagen

ماسك غني بالكولاجين يوضع على الوجه لمده 20 دقيقة و لا يشطف بالماء

Step 3: cream

Active ingredients :squalane, ginseng root extract

كريم مضاد اكسدة وترطيب للجلد

الاستخدام : مرة اسبوعياً


Three-quarters of the fiber structure of human skin is com­posed of different collagen types. With age, the collagen content in the skin is reduced – the real cause of decrea­sed firmness, which is ultimately responsible for the ap­pearance of small lines, wrinkles and furrows. This is exactly where KLAPP research comes into play. The intensive 3 Step Horne Treatment aims to improve the elasticity of the skin structure with the active ingredient collagen.

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